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Chocolate , Wafer

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Çizmeci Time Superroll Gofret 22 g Fındık Kremalı

Çizmeci Time 22 g X 24'lü Paket X 6'lı Koli Fındık Kremalı Superroll Gofretler

Nestle Classic Bitter Chocolate 30 g x 12-pack

Nestle Classic Bitter Chocolate has an intense and lasting flavor and is made from classic chocolate with a high cocoa ratio.

Çizmeci Time Gofret 100 g Wafer Master Cubes Kakaolu Fındık Kreması

Çizmeci Time Kakaolu Fındık kremalı Küp Gofretler

Nestle Classic Milk Chocolate 30 g X 12 Pack

With its classic and soft taste, Nestle Classic Milk Chocolate melts in the mouth and suppresses your sweet hunger in the best way.

The chocolates and wafers of the most distinguished brands, carefully selected by TOPTANTR, are at TOPTANTR at the most affordable prices.

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