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Sauces and Condiments

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Tukaş Mayonez 550 g

9.13 TL 9.32 TL

Calve Acılı Ketçap 600 g

8.08 TL 8.25 TL

Turkaş Hardal 335 g

7.31 TL 7.46 TL

Saygın Pomegranate Syrup 350 ml

Saygın Pomegranate Syrup is made of 100% pomegranate juice and does not contain added sugar and additives.
23.42 TL 23.90 TL

Calve Cheddar Sos 240 g

11.27 TL 11.50 TL

Saygın Yerli Tam Tahin 500 g Kepekli Susamdan

Saygın Yerli Tam Tahin 500 g Kepekli Susamdan obtained from kelp, shelled, roasted, pressed, local sesame seeds was grown without GMO, agricultural spraying and fertilization.
35.18 TL 35.90 TL

Tat Ketçap 400 g

7.60 TL 7.76 TL

Saygin Organic Grape Vinegar 500 ml

You can add flavor and health to your salads and meals with Saygın Organic Grape Vinegar, which does not contain acetic acid and additives.
21.46 TL 21.90 TL

Kühne Barbekü Sos 250 ml

18.78 TL 19.16 TL

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