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Papağan Black Sunflower Seeds 165 g Highly Salty

Derived from fresh and high quality sunflower seeds, Papağan Sunflower seeds intensify the conversation with its addictive flavor.

Papağan Classic Mixed Nuts 165 g

Sweeten your mouth with Papağan Classic Mixed Nuts containing peanuts, almonds, raisins, hazelnuts, yellow chickpeas.

Papağan Sunflower Seeds 171 g Economic Package Normal Salted

Your healthy and delicious conversations become more enjoyable with Papağan Sunflower Seeds.

Papağan K-Nut Fried Peanuts 50 g with Taco Sauce

Papağan K-Nut Fried Peanut with Taco sauce is your most fun snack with its crunchy flavor.

Papağan Pumpkin Seeds 60 g

Health and taste come together with natural and fresh Papağan Pumpkin Seeds and are eaten with pleasure.

Papağan Salted Peanut 80 g

Papağan Salted Peanuts brings together the most natural and fresh peanuts for those who want to consume health and taste together.

Papağan Golden Fruits Raw Mixed Nuts 130 g

Papağan Golden Fruits Raw Mixed Nuts contains delicious, natural and nutritious dried fruits and nuts.

Papağan Golden Fruits Prunes 155 g

Papağan Golden Fruits Dried Plum combines health and natural taste with its rich vitamin content.

Papağan White Chickpeas 85 g

Papağan White Chickpeas are both very healthy and delicious with their mineral rich content.

Papağan Classic Mixed Nuts 70 g

In chats, beside tea, while watching movies, fun and delicious snacks Papağan Classic Mixed Nuts are with you.

Papağan Cashew 70 g

Delicious and nutritious Papağan Cashew 70 g is purchased from ToptanTR at the cheapest prices and eaten with pleasure.

Papağan Roasted Almond 80 g

Rich in Protein, iron, calcium and fat, Papağan Roasted Almond contains essential nutrients for a healthy life.

Papağan Salted Yellow Chickpeas 85 g

Papağan Salted Yellow Chickpea is one of the most popular snacks with its vegetable oil content that gives a feeling of satiety and helps to lose weight.

Papağan Super Cocktail Mixed Nuts 70 g

Your healthy and nutritious snack is ready with Papağan Super Cocktail Mixed Nuts, which brings your favorite flavors together.

Papağan K-Nut Fried Peanuts 50 g Salted

The fresh and delicious Papağan K-Nut Fried Peanuts are for those who want a natural and fun snack.

Papağan Roasted Hazelnut 80 g

Your favorite snack is ready with the energizing, nutritious and very delicious Papağan Roasted Hazelnut Kernel.

Papağan Roasted Pistachio 80 g

Energizing, nourishing and very delicious PapağanRoasted Pistachio goes well when chatting, next to tea, watching movies and anytime you crave.

Papağan Salted Peanut 180 g

Crispy and fresh Papağan Salted Peanuts are one of the funniest snacks to eat while watching a match or movie.

Papağan Super Cocktail Mixed Nuts 165 g

Papağan Super Cocktail Mixed Nuts containing hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, roasted chickpeas and peanuts are your most delicious energy store.

While enjoying a movie with Peyman spicy nuts, eat a healthy diet with Bahçeden products.

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