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Mouse Repellents

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Aysem Rat Poison 250 gr

Aysem Rat Venom, which contains high poison, kills mice and rats quickly and is effective.
5.62 TL 6.04 TL

Aysem Trap Non-Toxic Mouse Adhesive 125 ml

With Aysem Trap Nontoxic Mouse Adhesive, you can easily catch mice and other large insects.
5.62 TL 6.04 TL

Aysem Rat Poison 500 gr

Aysem Rat Poison facilitates the fight against mice, rats and other large rodent pests.
8.51 TL 9.15 TL

Brofar Pastry Rat Poison 100 g

Provide effective protection against all types of rats and mice with Brofar Pasta Rat Poison.
8.51 TL 9.15 TL

Astrap Non-Toxic Mouse Adhesive 125 ml

Astrap Non-Toxic Mouse Adhesive makes it easy to catch large insects and mice in homes, warehouses, ground floors.
5.30 TL 5.70 TL

Astrap Non-Toxic Adhesive Paper Mouse Trap 2 Pieces

Astrap Non-Toxic Adhesive Paper Mousetrap catches mice, rats and other large vermin by attracting them and does not allow them to escape.
6.96 TL 7.48 TL

Tibtrap Zehirsiz Fare Yapışkanı 125 Ml Tüp [OUTLET]

Tibtrap Zehirsiz Fare Yapışkanı güçlü formülüyle fareleri ve iri haşereleri yakalamanızı sağlar, zehir içermez, kullanımı güvenli ve kolaydır.

Drive mice away from anywhere, in your home, garden or warehouse, thanks to mouse repellers.

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