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Ülker Çokoprens Snack Biscuit with Cocoa Cream 81 g X 18 Pieces Box

Tek lokmalık küçük bisküvilerden oluşan Ülker Çokoprens Atıştırmalık çayın, kahvenin, gazlı ve gazlı içeceklerin en sevilen eşlikçilerinden. Yoğun kakaolu krema ve çıtır çıtır bisküvisi lezzeti damakta kalan Ülker Çokoprens Atıştırmalık Kakaolu Kremalı Bisküvi en uygun fiyatlarla'da.
1.66 TL

Ülker Hanımeller Hazelnut Biscuits 82 g X 18 Pieces Box

Ülker Hanımeller Biscuits with Hazelnut, which has a natural and traditional flavor, has a fresh and crispy taste as if its mother's hand touched it. Contains real hazelnut pieces and offers perfect harmony and flavor with tea and carbonated and still drinks.
33.28 TL

Ülker Biskrem Cocoa Cream Filled Biscuits 40 g X 36 in Carton

Ülker Biskrem Biscuit With Cocoa Cream Filled With its intense cocoa cream filling, 40 g plain biscuit adds flavor to your chats along with coffee, tea and other soft drinks.

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