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Saloon Vaseline 100 ml X 24 Pieces Box

Saloon Vaseline gives your skin a soft and smooth texture, keeping it moist and healthy throughout the day.

Saloon Pamuk 50 g

$0.24 $0.25

Saloon Liquid Soap 3,6 lt X 4 Pieces Package Sultan Has Garden

Saloon Sultan Garden Liquid Soap, which contains natural herbal and flower extracts, ensures that your skin smells like a flower garden and stays clean and hygienic.
$1.70 $1.79

Saloon Foam Soap 5 kg X 4 Boxes Transparent Floral

Saloon Foam Soap with herbal extracts provides effective cleaning, softens your skin and leaves pleasant scents behind.
$3.18 $3.35

Saloon Pamuk 100 g

$0.47 $0.50

Saloon Liquid Soap 3,6 lt Sparkling Flowers

Saloon Luminous Flowers Liquid Soap keeps your skin soft with the natural plant extracts it contains.
$1.70 $1.79

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