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Red Bull Energy Drink White Edition 250 ml x 24 Pieces 9002490243494

Manufacturer: Red Bull
SKU: 9002490243494
Üretim Yeri: Austria
Manufacturers: RED BULL
Tag Language: TR
129.95 TL
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Don't miss the cheapest prices for ToptanTR in Coconut and Acai flavored Red Bull White Edition Energy Drink!

Caffeine, taurine, B group vitamins, sucrose, glucose and Alpine spring water Red Bull Energy Drink helps you regain the energy you lost after exercise and intense workouts. It meets your extra energy needs in busy and active days, long and tiring work and training, and keeps you fit.

The special formula of Red Bull Energy Drink White Edition contains high quality ingredients. These components; It is Caffeine, Taurine, Group B Vitamins, Sugar and Alpine Spring Water.

1 can of 250 ml Red Bull Energy Drink contains 37.5 mg caffeine. This is close to the caffeine amount of a cup of brewed black tea.

Sugar amount of 1 can of Red Bull White Edition Energy Drink; It is close to the sugar content of the same amount of orange or apple juice - 11 g per 100 ml.

Red Bull Energy Drinks cans are produced from 100% recyclable aluminum cans.

It revitalizes the body and mind.


Inspired by functional drinks from the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s. It launched the birth of this new product with a unique marketing strategy on 1st April 1987 in Austria as Red Bull Energy Drink.

A brand new brand and a brand new category - Energy Drinks - is born.


Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional drink and gives you wings whenever you need it.


Caffeine: Ancient civilizations knew caffeine for its invigorating effect on the human body and consumed it from natural sources such as tea, coffee, cocoa beans and cola nuts.

Group B Vitamins: Vitamins are essential micronutrients required to maintain normal body functions.

Sugar: The sugar in Red Bull Energy Drink is derived from sugar beets.

Taurine: Taurine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the human body and is part of the daily diet. It takes part in many biological processes.

Water from the Alps: Naturally, water is an essential ingredient in Red Bull.

Energy drinks are not sold to those under the age of eighteen.

It should not be mixed with alcohol or consumed together. It is not recommended for children, people under the age of 18, the elderly, diabetics, patients with high blood pressure, pregnant and lactating women, patients with metabolic disease, kidney failure and people sensitive to caffeine. It is not a sports drink, it should not be consumed before, during or after intense physical activity. It is not recommended to consume more than 500 ml per day.

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