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Papağan Shelled Peanut 450 g 8690200184109

Manufacturer: PAPAĞAN
SKU: 8690200184109
Manufacturers: EKMEKÇİOĞLU
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Papağan Shelled Peanut offers the freshest and most natural form of peanuts.

It is in the Papağan Shell Peanut package as it is in the branch! Preserving all the naturalness of fresh hazelnuts, Papağan Shelled Peanuts are both delicious and beneficial. Peanut, which is a good source of protein, which is good for mental and physical fatigue and increases learning, helps to strengthen bones and muscles as well as regulating blood sugar with the vitamin B1 it contains. In addition, vitamin B3 reduces the cholesterol rate and reduces the risk of vascular and heart disease. Since it is pulpy, it has a protective effect against cancer and benefits against constipation, and is helpful in gastritis and stomach ailments.

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