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Papağan Classic Mixed Nuts 70 g

In chats, beside tea, while watching movies, fun and delicious snacks Papağan Classic Mixed Nuts are with you.

Parrot Double Roasted Yellow Chickpeas 85 g

Parrot Double Roasted Yellow Chickpeas with less salt and fat is one of the most enjoyable dried fruits to be consumed after meals with its healthy and easily digestible content.

Papağan K-Nut Fried Peanuts 50 g with Taco Sauce

Papağan K-Nut Fried Peanut with Taco sauce is your most fun snack with its crunchy flavor.

Papağan Super Cocktail Mixed Nuts 70 g

Your healthy and nutritious snack is ready with Papağan Super Cocktail Mixed Nuts, which brings your favorite flavors together.

Papağan Salted Peanut 80 g

Papağan Salted Peanuts brings together the most natural and fresh peanuts for those who want to consume health and taste together.

Papağan Sunflower Seeds 50 g 3TL Package

Dark conversations are more delicious and more fun with Papağan Sunflower Seeds that are fresh and crispy.

Parrot Salted Yellow Chickpeas 170 g

Prepared from the freshest chickpeas, Parrot Salted Yellow Chickpeas is one of the most fun snacks that combine the benefits and taste of roasted chickpeas.

Papağan White Chickpeas 85 g

Papağan White Chickpeas are both very healthy and delicious with their mineral rich content.

Papağan Roasted Hazelnut 80 g

Your favorite snack is ready with the energizing, nutritious and very delicious Papağan Roasted Hazelnut Kernel.

Papağan Cashew 70 g

Delicious and nutritious Papağan Cashew 70 g is purchased from ToptanTR at the cheapest prices and eaten with pleasure.

Papağan Sunflower Seeds 171 g Economic Package Normal Salted

Your healthy and delicious conversations become more enjoyable with Papağan Sunflower Seeds.

Papağan Super Cocktail Mixed Nuts 165 g

Papağan Super Cocktail Mixed Nuts containing hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, roasted chickpeas and peanuts are your most delicious energy store.

Papağan Black Sunflower Seeds 165 g Highly Salty

Derived from fresh and high quality sunflower seeds, Papağan Sunflower seeds intensify the conversation with its addictive flavor.

Papağan K-Nut Fried Peanuts 50 g Salted

The fresh and delicious Papağan K-Nut Fried Peanuts are for those who want a natural and fun snack.

Papağan Pumpkin Seeds 130 g

Rich in minerals, essential oils and proteins, Papağan Pumpkin Seeds are a highly nutritious, delicious snack.

Papağan Golden Fruits Dried Apricots 165 g

Papağan Golden Fruits Dried Apricots have rich antioxidant content that facilitates digestion.

Papağan Roasted Almond 80 g

Rich in Protein, iron, calcium and fat, Papağan Roasted Almond contains essential nutrients for a healthy life.
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