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3 Layer Wire MSD Surgical Mask 50-Pack Black

MSD Surgical Mask helps you to be protected from infectious diseases all day long with its reliable and durable structure.
$1.40 $1.48

3 Layer Wire MSD Surgical Mask 50-Pack Blue

With the 3-Layer Wire MSD Surgical Mask, protect yourself from infectious diseases more easily, and protect yourself and those around you.
$1.40 $1.48

3 Layer Wire MSD Surgical Mask 50-Pack White

MSD Surgical Mask provides effective filtration with its 3-fold structure and helps protect from germs and viruses that spread infectious diseases.
$1.60 $1.69

3 Katlı Telli MSD Maske 25'li Paket

MSD Tek Kullanımlık Maske esnek kulak arkası bantları ile yüzünüze tam oturur ve bulaşıcı hastalıklardan korunmanıza yardımcı olur.
$1.15 $1.21
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