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Molped Sanitary Pad 18 Pieces Supernight

Relax all night long thanks to the intensive absorbent channels of the Molped supernight sanitary pad.
14.06 TL 14.50 TL

Molped Hijyenik Ped 5'li Süper Gece Supernight

Molped Hijyenik Ped 5'li Süper Gece Supernight uykudayken ve yoğun günlerde sızmaları önlemek için özel olarak tasarlanmıştır.
5.69 TL 6.50 TL

Molped Sanitary Pad 16 Pieces Supernight

Thanks to its extra absorbent channels, molped supernight Sanitary pad allows you to sleep comfortably at night.
13.56 TL 15.25 TL

Molped Sanitary Pad 20 Night Supernight Long

Molped supernight sanitary pads have all the features you need for a comfortable sleep.
13.56 TL 15.25 TL

Molped Ultra Sanitary Pad 7-Pack Long

Molped Ultra Hygienic Long Pad, which has a longer surface and longer bands, provides you extra protection thanks to these features.
4.36 TL 4.50 TL

Molped Hijyenik Ped Ultra Gece 26'lı [OUTLET]

Molped Ultra Gece Hijyenik Ped ince yapısıyla rahatlık verirken daha geniş yüzeyiyle tek damla sızdırmadan sizi gece boyunca korur.

P-Molped Hijyenik Ped Pure&Soft Gece 6'lı Extra Uzun

Molped Pure&Soft Hijyenik Ped doğal pamuk yumuşaklığı ile ciltte ipeksi bir his bırakır ve tahrişe neden olmaz.

Molped Ultra Sanitary Pad 8 Pack Normal

Relax all day long with Molped Sanitary normal pads that do not leak liquid thanks to their absorbent channels and do not disturb you thanks to their soft texture.

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