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Molfix Baby Diapers 136 pcs Ultra Advantage Pack 4 Maxi 9-14 kg

With the Molfix Panty Diaper, which is flexible in all directions, babies are very comfortable and remain both dry and happy.

Molfix Baby Diapers 108 Ultra Advantage Pack 5 Junior 12-17 kg

Easy to wear, Molfix Baby Diaper is very comfortable and provides long-term dryness without leaking.

Molfix Baby Diapers Ultra Advantage Pack 86 Pieces 6 Extra Large 15+ kg

Molfix Panty Diaper with elastic waist and body system is very easy to put on and take off.

Molfix Baby Diapers Size 6 50 Pieces Advantage Pack

With its absorbent surface and elastic structure, Molfix Baby Diapers keep your baby dry and comfortable.

Molfix Baby Diaper Size 2 116 Pieces Super Advantage Pack

Make sure your baby will not get diaper rash thanks to the extra absorbent structure and soft texture of the Molfix diaper.

Molfix Baby Diapers Size 1 120 Pieces Super Offer

Molfix Diaper is specially designed to protect the comfort and health of your baby.

Molfix Baby Diapers Size 5 60 Pieces Super Offer

While the absorbent and elastic structure of the Molfix diaper keeps your baby dry and comfortable, it also protects your baby's health by preventing diaper rash.

Molfix Baby Diaper Super Chance Package Size 3 94 Pack

Ekstra emici yapısıyla Molfix 4-9 kg Bebek Bezi, bebeğinizin kuru ve mutlu kalmasını sağlar.

Molfix Bebek Bezi 152'li 3 Midi [OUTLET]

2 katlı emici bölgeleri ve nefes alan yüzeyiyle Molfix Bebek Bezi uzun süre kalıcı kuruluk ve rahatlık sağlar.

Molfix Baby Diapers Size 4 76 Pieces Super Advantage Pack

The Molfix diaper keeps your baby dry and comfortable both while playing and sleeping.
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