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Lux Pamuk

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Lux Maxi Baby Cleaning Cotton Pads 60 Pieces X 12 Pieces Boxes

You can gently cleanse your baby's skin with Lux Maxi Baby Cleansing Cotton, which is made of 100% pure cotton.

Lux Wet Wipes 90 Pack X 24 Packs Lavender Scented

While providing hygienic and healthy cleansing on your skin with Lux Lavender Scented Wet Wipes, refresh your breath and breathe in the refreshing floral scents.

Lux Top Make-Up Cleansing Cotton 50 Pack X 25 Box

Easily cleanse your face with the natural and soft Lux Top Make-Up Cleansing Cotton.

Lux Acetone 115 ml X 12 Pack X 72 Box

Thanks to its effective formula, Lux Acetone removes even the darkest nail polish in one go, cleans your nails without damaging them.

Lux Cotton Cotton Buds 100 Pieces X 36 Pieces Boxes

Lux Ear Cleaning Cotton, suitable for use around eyes and nails, is produced from 100% pure cotton. Lux Cotton Cotton Buds, which help to remove make-up more easily and clean the dirt on the skin, provide convenience to the user thanks to the secure adhesion of cotton to the stick.

Lux Zigzag Cotton 50 g x 60 pieces box

Lux Zigzag Cotton allows you to remove your make-up and get rid of blemishes on your skin.

Lux Make-Up Cleaning Cotton 40 Discs X 12 Pieces Box

Lux Disc Make-Up Cleansing Cotton has high absorbent power and a soft texture that does not irritate the skin.

Lux Acetone 200 ml X 12 Pack X 72 Box

Lux Acetone, which cleans your nails without damaging them, removes even the darkest color nail polish in one go thanks to its effective formula.

Asya Luxury Toothpick 400 Pieces X 144 Package

With Asya Luxury Toothpick that slips easily between the teeth and does not damage the gums, you can easily remove the remaining food residues on your teeth.

Lux Zigzag Cotton 100 g x 30 pieces Box

Lux Zigzag Cotton is made of 100% natural cotton and allows you to gently cleanse your skin.

Lux Breast Pad 20 Pack X 12 Box

With its adhesive and non-slip tapes, the Lux Breast Pad, which remains stable and does not disturb you throughout the day, ensures you stay dry and comfortable with its high absorbent power.

Lux Make-Up Cleaning Cotton 70 Discs X 50 Pieces Box

Lux Make-Up Cleansing Cotton easily removes even thick and clinging dyes.

Lux Pamuklu Kulak Temizleme Çubuğu 200'lü Paket X 36'lı Koli

100% saf pamuktan üretilen Lux Kulak Temizleme Pamukları kulak, göz, tırnak çevresi temizliği kullanımı için idealdir. Pamuğun çubuğa güvenli yapışkanlığı sayesinde kullanıcıya kolaylık sağlar, makyajın daha rahat çıkartılmasına yardımcı olur.

Lux Wet Wipes 90 Pack X 24 Packs Daisy Scented

Purify and gently cleanse your skin with Lux Wet Wipes, which have a refreshing and relaxing scent with natural chamomile extract.

Asya Luxury Gelatine Toothpick 500 Pieces X 24 Package

Asya Lux Gelatine Toothpick is individually packaged, clean and hygienic. It allows you to clean your teeth easily and safely.

Lux Zigzag Cotton 200 g x 15 pcs Box

Lux Zigzag Cotton facilitates your skin cleaning with its soft and highly absorbent structure.

Lux Breast Pad 40 pieces x 12 pieces package

Lux Breast Pad, which has high absorbent power and durability, holds all day long with its non-slip bands and allows you to relax by completely absorbing the excess milk. Thanks to its adhesive tapes, the Lux Breast Pad, which stays in place throughout the day and does not slip, easily absorbs the excess milk and keeps you dry and comfortable.

Lux Wet Wipes 90 Pieces X 24 Pieces Package Rose Scented

With its natural rose scent, Lux Rose Scented Wet Wipes leave a light feeling on your skin with its thick and soft texture.

Asya Luxury Toothpick 200 Pieces X 288 Package

Asya Luxury Toothpick, which allows you to easily remove the food residues left on your teeth, with its fine structure and non-pointed, soft tips, it can easily enter between the teeth and provides cleaning without damaging the gums and tooth enamel.

Lux Wet Wipes 90 Pieces X 24 Pieces Box Classic

Clean more and easier with Lux Wet Wipes, your greatest assistant in all kinds of cleaning, from wiping your skin to getting dust. The thick and soft Lux Wet Wipes are durable and can be stored in their special packaging for a long time without drying.

Lux Pamuk 100 gr Zigzag

Lux Zigzag Pamuk yumuşak ve yüksek emici yapısıyla cilt temizliğinizi kolaylaştırır.

Lux Pamuklu Çubuk 60'lı Paket X 36'lı Koli Bebek

Bebekler için özel olarak daha yumuşak üretilen Lux Bebek Pamuklu Çubuk, yüksek kir tutucu özelliğiyle hızlı ve kolay temizlik sağlar.

Lux Islak Mendil 90'lı Gül Kokulu

Lux Gül Kokulu Islak Mendil doğal gül kokusu ile ferahlamanızı sağlar.

Lux kişisel bakım ve makyaj temizleme ürünlerini ToptanTR'ye özel fiyatlarla şimdi satın alın.

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