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Ipana Kalsident Klasik Tat Diş Macunu 50 ml

Kalsident Klasik Tat Diş Macunu 50ml
5.15 TL

İpana Toothpaste Calsident 100 ml

Ipana Toothpaste with calsident formula that provides effective protection against sugar acid strengthens tooth enamel and provides protection against caries.
8.25 TL

İpana 3D Luxe Anti-Tobacco Glow Sigaraya Karşı Beyazlatıcı Diş Macunu 75 ml

İpana 3D Luxe Anti-Tobacco Glow, özel formülü sayesinde, sigara kullanımına bağlı sararma ve lekelenmeleri diş yüzeyinden temizler, yeniden temiz ve beyaz bir gülüşe sahip olmanızı sağlar.

Ipana toothpastes, which provide you with white and healthy teeth, are at ToptanTR at the best prices! Ipana toothpastes are specially developed for different tooth types and provide effective cleaning and hygiene without damaging the gums and tooth enamel.

Offering different toothpastes for those who want to get white teeth in a short time, those who want to remove cigarette and coffee yellowing, and those who want a fresh breath, Ipana provides you to protect your oral health in the most economical way with special prices for ToptanTR.

Buy Ipana 3D white, Ipana complete care with mouth water, Ipana pro expert toothpaste with stannus folurine formula, which returns the teeth to their natural whiteness, at the most affordable prices.

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