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Gillette Venus2 Simply Basic Disposable Razor Pink 5's

Gillette Venus 2 Simply Basic Razor provides long-lasting smoothness.
8.60 TL

Gillette Venus Simply 2 Women's Razor 4-Pack (OUTLET)

Gillette Venus Simply 2 Women's Razor removes the shortest hairs in one go without irritating them and provides a smooth appearance.
6.70 TL

Gillette Venus Razor + 3 Refill Razor Blade

Gillette Venus Razor removes the shortest hairs with its slick and moisturizing bands, thin and sharp blades without harming your skin.
34.20 TL

Gillette Venus Swirl Extra Smooth Handle + 3 Refill Razor Blade

Gillette Venus Swirl Women's Razor, with its movable head and 5 blades, fits perfectly in any area and offers a perfect shave.
53.00 TL

Gillette Permatik Bath Razor 10 Pack

Gillette Permatik Bath razor has special combs and easy-to-clean blades that make shaving easier.
13.40 TL

Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Power Refill Razor Blade 4's - Red Edition

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Refill Razor Blade allows you to shave with pleasure without irritating your face with its extra thinned 5 blades, additional shaper blade, lubricating bands and micro comb.
77.90 TL

Gillette Mach3 Start Refill Razor Blade 4 s

Gillette Mach3 Start Refill Razor Blade is compatible with all Gillette Mach3 shavers.
43.60 TL

Old Spice Stick Deodorant 50 ml Strong Slugger

Old Spice Strong Slugger Stick Deodorant keeps you dry and clean all day long.
10.90 TL

Gillette Permatik Bath Razor 6 Pack

Gillette Permatik Bath razor is easy to clean and with its combed structure it cuts hairs perfectly.
8.00 TL

Gillette Mach3 Refill Razor Blade 4's

Gillette Mach3 Yedek Tıraş Bıçağı ile hızlı ve kolay tıraş olun, yüzünüz gün boyu rahat etsin.
53.55 TL

Gillette Mach3 Start Refill Razor Blade 2's

Gillette Mach3 Start Replacement Shaving Blade adapts to your face with its lubricating tape and movable thin blades.
22.40 TL

Gillette Venus Breeze Comfortglide Handle + 4 Refill Razor Blade

Gillette Venus Breeze Comfortglide Women's Razor Blade fully protects the skin with its special gel bands.
58.90 TL

Gillette Blue II Razor 5 Pack (OUTLET)

Get a smooth face with the lubricant band and chrome-coated Gillette Blue2 Normal Razor.
11.80 TL

Gillette Mach3 Shaving Razor 1 Up + Stand Limited Edition - Platinum

Enjoy real high quality shaving with the special Series Chrome Plated Gillette Mach3 1up Shaver.
35.30 TL

Gillette Mach3 Start Shaving Razor 2 Up

Enjoy easy and hassle-free shaving with Gillette Mach3 Start Aqua-Grip 2-up Shaver, compatible with all Mach3 replacement razors.
29.50 TL

Gillette Venus Olay Comfortglide Refill Razor Blade 2's

Developed for easy and smooth shaving, Gillette Venus Olay Comfortglide Women's Refill Razor Blades are compatible with all Gillette Venus Comfortglide heads.
35.30 TL

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Breeze Women's Razor with 2 Refills

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Breeze Women Razor provides painless smoothness with its cooling and lubricating bands.
41.20 TL

Gillette Sensor3 Tıraş Makinesi + 6 Yedek Tıraş Bıçağı

3 bıçaklı Gillette Sensor3 Tıraş Makinesi ile yüze en yakın tıraş çok daha kolay.
32.90 TL

Gillette Blue3 Football Disposable Razor 6+2 Champions League Blister Pack

Gillette Blue3 Football Razor offers a comfortable and flawless shave with its superior blades and lubricating bands.
27.70 TL

Gillette Permatik Razor 6 Pack

Gillette Permatik Razor offers an easy and smooth shave with its ergonomic structure and sharp blade.
8.00 TL

Gillette Blue2 Maximum Tıraş Bıçağı 4'lü Sinekkaydı Tıraş Köpüğü 200 ml Hediyeli

Krom kaplamalı çelik bıçaklara ve kaymaz sapa sahip Gillette Blue2 Maximum Tıraş Bıçağı 40 derece dönebilen oynar başlığa sahiptir.
14.20 TL

Gillette Venus Breeze Refill Razor Blade 4's

Gillette Venus Breeze Women's Refill Razor Blade provides a smooth shave without the need for soap and foam.
58.90 TL

Gillette Fusion5 Proshield Chill Refill Razor Blade 4 s

Gillette Fusion 5 Chill Refill Razor Blade provides permanent relief after shaving with its special cooling bands.
105.90 TL

Gillette BLUE 2 PLUS 2'S

Gillette Blue2 Plus Razor Blade has an easy-to-grip, non-slip handle coating for an easier and safer shave; It has double blades and a special chrome-plated coating that does not irritate the skin so that even the shortest hair can be removed in one go.
4.20 TL

The most affordable Gillette razor blades are in ToptanTR Gillette's history, which has been under the P&G umbrella since 2005, dates back to 1895. Gillette, who developed the first commercial disposable razor in history, is one of the biggest shaver and razor brands. In addition to the first razor blade, the features of all brands such as stainless steel blade razor, double blade razor, lubricating band razor, movable head razor were seen on Gillette razors for the first time.

Gillette razors and Gillette replacement razor blades that are compatible with these machines include a large number of models specialized for different face and beard types. Those who want disposable and cheaper razor blades can choose disposable razor blades such as Gillette Permatik, Blue2, Blue3. You can buy disposable razors at the most affordable prices from ToptanTR.

Gillette Sensor Razor has high sensitivity springs and shaves by adapting to the shape of the face and preventing cuts. It is one of the classic models. Gillette Mach3 and higher models are in the razor class and are available with and without battery. They can be used with replacement razor blades in their own classes that differ according to face type.

+Gillette Fusion razors provide a closer shave than Mach3 models with 5 blades. Gillette Fusion Proshield razors and spare blades can move in all directions with its special Flexball technology, while Gillette Fusion Proshield razors do not cause irritation even on the most sensitive flanks thanks to their extra lubricating bands. You can buy Gillette Fusion Shaving blades suitable for your face from ToptanTR at the best prices. Gillette, which also produces women's razor blades, keeps them under the Venus brand. Gillette Venus razor blades provide long-lasting smooth skin without pain and effort. You can always find the cheapest Gillette prices in wholesale and retail at ToptanTR.

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