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Garnier Yüz Temizleme Jeli 150 ml Saf & Temiz

Garnier Yüz Temizleme Jeli Saf & Temiz, yüzünüzü hem temizler, hem matlaştırır hem de gözeneklerinizi kapatır.

Garnier Hair Dye Striking Colors Honey Auburn No: 7.0

Garnier Color Naturals Honey Auburn Hair Dye has a long-lasting effect for shiny and lively hair.

Garnier Makyaj Temizleme Suyu 400 ml Micellar + Pamuk Hediyeli

Garnier Micellar Makyaj Temizleme Suyu güçlü formülü sayesinde en zor makyajı bile tek seferde, kolayca çıkarır.

Garnier has a variety of products that provide the care and repair which your skin is needed.With creams,face masks and lotions,you can have a smooth and healthy skin.Also,With garnier micellar,You can easily clean your make up.With the hair dyes of garnier,you can have a color which you want to have.

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