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Examination Gloves

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Beybi Muayene Eldiveni 100'lü Kutu Pudralı Orta Boy Lateks

Beybi Pudralı Orta Boy Lateks Muayene Eldiveni elleri terletmez ve ince yapısıyla çalışma kolaylığı sağlar.
52.95 TL

Beybi Muayene Eldiveni 100'lü Kutu Pudralı Büyük Boy Lateks

Ellerinizi mikroplardan koruyan Beybi Pudralı Büyük Boy Lateks Muayene Eldiveni ile güvende kalın.
52.95 TL

Beybi Muayene Eldiveni 100'lü Kutu Pudralı Küçük Boy Lateks

Beybi Pudralı Küçük Boy Lateks Muayene Eldiveni ile ellerinizi mikroplardan koruyun, güvende kalın.
52.95 TL

By Lucky Hibrit Eldiven Mavi 100'lü Paket

You can work safely and comfortably with By Lucky Hybrid Glove, which has multi-purpose and wide area usage.
31.95 TL

Inspection gloves made of thin latex material can be used in laboratories, polyclinics, cleaning and all other processes where it is desired to remain clean in their hands. Examination gloves, which isolate the skin and protect it from contact with harmful liquids, dirt or microbes, are suitable for clinical, medical and personal use. In order not to reduce the sensation, white laboratory gloves with special thin latex material do not sweat hands with their powdered inner surfaces, they do not cause discomfort in long-term use.

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