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Domestos Bleach 750 ml Maximum Hygiene Mountain Breeze Thick Consistency

Domestos Maximum Hygiene Mountain Breeze Thick Bleach kills germs and helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Domestos Bleach 750 ml Eucalyptus Freshness

Domestos Bleach Eucalyptus Freshness with high density formula provides perfect hygiene by killing all germs instantly.

Domestos Bleach 3240 ml Pine Freshness

Thanks to its intense formula, Domestos Bleach provides effective hygiene with less amount and quickly kills germs.

Domestos Toilet Block 55 gr 5 Power Ocean Freshness

The Domestos Toilet Block, which prevents the formation of stains by dissolving lime and providing deep and lasting hygiene by foaming abundantly and quickly, makes your bathroom beautiful with its 5-piece Power Ocean Freshness, natural and pleasant scents.

Domestos Bleach 750 ml Snow White

With its special formula with increased density, Domestos Bleach Snow White provides hygiene for longer.

Domestos Bleach 750 ml Lemon Fresh

Domestos Bleach Lemon Freshness removes stubborn stains, makes calcified surfaces shiny again.

Domestos Spray 450 ml Hygienic Foam Kitchen Cleaner

Domestos Hygienic Foam Kitchen Cleaner Spray easily removes dried oil stains, lime and dirt in your kitchen.

Domestos Spray 750 ml Hygienic Multipurpose

Cleaning ends much faster with the easy-to-use Domestos Hygienic Multi-Purpose Spray.

Domestos Spray 450 ml Hygienic Foam Bathroom Cleaner

Domestos Hygienic Foam Bath Cleaner Spray provides thorough cleaning on all surfaces in your bathroom.

Domestos Toilet Block 55 gr With 5 Power Bleach Additive

Make the hygiene of your toilet perfect with Domestos Toilet Block with 5-Power Bleach Additive.

Domestos Bleach 1850 ml Mountain Breeze

Domestos Bleach Mountain Breeze with a dense consistency formula clings to surfaces and provides permanent cleaning and hygiene.

Domestos Bleach 3240 ml Ultra White

With its powerful formula, Domestos Bleach removes the toughest stains and dirt and provides perfect whiteness and shine on fabrics and surfaces.

Domestos Bleach 7-Piece Spraying Summer Day 750 Gr

Prevent germs and lime build-up in even the hardest to reach places with Domestos bleach on summer day.

Domestos Bleach 694 ml Ocean Breeze

Domestos Bleach Ocean Breeze, which provides deep hygiene by killing germs instantly, leaves lasting pleasant scents in your bathroom.

Domestos Bleach 750 ml Pink Power

Domestos Bleach Pink Power allows you to easily remove the toughest stains with its intense and powerful formula that prevents lime.

Domestos Bleach 675 ml Zero Chlorine Ocean Breeze

Chlorine-free Domestos Zero Chlorine Bleach Ocean Breeze allows you to achieve effective cleaning of bleach without the annoying odor.

Domestos Toilet Block 32 gr Turbo Effect Mountain Breeze

Domestos Turbo Effect Toilet Block Mountain Breeze provides deep hygiene and lasting, pleasant, refreshing fragrance in your toilet bowl.

Domestos Bleach 1850 ml Eucalyptus Freshness

With its formula containing eucalyptus extracts, Domestos Bleach provides deep hygiene and you feel better cleanliness and hygiene in your bathroom with long lasting floral scents.

Domestos Bleach 3240 ml Ocean Freshness

Domestos Ocean Freshness Bleach provides perfect hygiene with its powerful formula while refreshing and cleansing the air.

Domestos Bleach 675 ml Zero Chlorine Forest Freshness

Domestos Zero Chlorine Bleach provides economical and effective hygiene with its Forest Freshness concentrated formula, and does not leave any disturbing odor with its chlorine-free formula.

Domestos Bleach 1850 ml Lemon Fresh

Domestos lemon freshness cleans the surfaces from germs thanks to its special formula and provides long-term refreshment thanks to its lemon aroma.

Domestos Bleach 693 ml Ocean Breeze

Domestos Bleach Ocean Breeze provides deep hygiene by killing germs instantly and enhances the air of your bathroom with its non-disturbing, refreshing scent.

Domestos Spray 750 ml Hygienic Kitchen

Easily remove dried-on food residues and dirt with Domestos Hygienic Kitchen Spray.

Domestos Bleach 1850 ml Snow White

Domestos Bleach Snow White provides perfect hygiene by killing germs instantly with its high density formula.

Domestos was born in England in the 1920s. At that time, a bicycle sales team was selling their products door-to-door, bringing users together. People used their products as bleach on white fabrics and on household surfaces. In the 1960s, they joined the world of Unilever and offered consumers a thick bleach with international success. Their journey, which starts with bottled bleach, continues today with multi-purpose cleaner sprays, perfumed toilet blocks and hygienic cleaning wipes. While continuing to provide hygiene in 35 countries today, they are working to ensure that 25 million people around the world have access to adequate sanitary facilities by 2020 as their social missions.

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